Winchester 9mm Luger


9mm luger 155 gr 500rounds




At the practice range, you‘ll be known as “dead – eye”, when you use Winchester USA 9mm Full Metal Jacket Handgun Loads. Great accuracy, with no expansion, makes this bullet the ultimate in hand gun ammo. Ideal for range shooting, plinking, target practice or match shooting, the Winchester USA 9mm Full Metal Jacket Handgun Loads will quickly become your favorite. Try them…dead-eye!


  • Accurate, sure functioning, and controlled recoil
  • No expansion
  • Good accuracy
  • No barrel leading
  • Great for indoor and outdoor range, plinking, target and match shooting


  • Velocity: 1,190 fps at muzzle, 1,071 fps at 50 yds
  • Energy: 362 ft./lbs at muzzle, 293 ft./lbs at 50 yds
  • Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
  • Quantity: 50
  • Weight: 115 Grain


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