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MAGIC MUSHROOM SPORES FOR SALE. Firstly, Our spores are all produced by the Mondo Mycologicals team in Amsterdam in cutting edge lab conditions where they operate to the highest standards. Mondo’ magic mushroom spore vials is produce in totally sterile conditions and are best kept in the dark and refrigerate (2-8°C) to increase the shelf life of the spores. A normal household fridge is perfectly fine for this. BUY MAGIC MUSHROOM SPORES ONLINE

Our spore vials have a cap with a circular rubber membrane on it. This rubber membrane, or septa, can be pierced using the needle of the enclose sterile syringe and will stop any airflow.Micro-organisms, or anything else from going through.While this may be true.

MAGIC MUSHROOM SPORES FOR SALE. Before extracting any spores you should shake the spore vial vigorously to spread the spores evenly throughout the vial. On the other hand, Remove the protective stopper cap from the top of the vial and sterilize the septa with an alcohol wipe. Unpack the sterile syringe and remove the protective cap from the needle. Insert the needle of the syringe through the septa.


The point of the needle should be submerging in the spore solution. Pull back the plunger of the syringe slowly so that the syringe will fill with a spore solution. You are now ready to look at your spores under a microscope. BUY MAGIC MUSHROOM SPORES ONLINE

Looked at by the naked eye our spore vials are not of much interest. The spore solution contains lots of little black specks which are clumps of spores but even the clear solution contains many spores that are no visible without the use of some magnification. While this may be true.

MAGIC MUSHROOM SPORES FOR SALE. The true beauty of our spore solutions becomes apparent under the microscope where you are welcome into the wonderful world of mushroom spores. After having prepared your microscope slide. Drop some of the mushroom spore solutions on it .And then cover the specimen with a microscope covering glass. The best magnification for Psilocybe cubensis and spore research is a magnification of 1000x or higher. Once you have got your specimen under the microscope you will be able to look at the beautiful spores in all their glory. BUY MAGIC MUSHROOM SPORES ONLINE

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