Cherry Pie Strain


USAGE….    ADHD Symptoms ,  Anxiety  , Insomnia , Depressed  , Pain

EFFECTS…    Focus  , Euphoric , Sleepy , Sedated .

THC %..26%



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BUY WEED ONLINE MARYLAND . Here at Amazing online Weed. Firstly, Cherry Pie strain. Sometimes known as Cherry Kush, is a popular and potent Indica-leaning hybrid. This strain is a cross between flavor-pack indica Granddaddy Purple and strong Sativa Durban Poison. And it offers smokers some of the best characteristics of both parent strains.

Cherry Pie’s balanced and mind-expanding high is enjoyable in a wide variety of settings. This versatility, along with the strain’s tart and fruity taste .Has made it a staple in dispensaries nationwide. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has tested multiple samples of Cherry Pie flower and has found consistently high levels of THC .

Buy Weed Online Maryland

With an average of about 20%.Cherry Pie’s flowers are small to medium in size. And have a bud structure characteristic of other predominantly Indica strains. The tightly-curl leaves are densely packed together and thread through with vibrant orange pistils. Leaves appear mostly mossy green. Although some phenotypes show off flashes of purple. This latter color is due to high concentrations of pigments in the plant’s genes pass on from Granddaddy Purple.

BUY WEED ONLINE MARYLAND. That highlight colors other than green when they’re stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing process. The colorful buds are coat in translucent white trichomes, giving the small nugs a silver sheen. And a very resinous texture. Cherry Pie has a high that mounts slowly, beginning as a progressive feeling of relaxation. At first, smokers may detect a slight pressure in their sinuses.

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BUY WEED ONLINE MARYLAND. As the high progresses, this strain’s Sativa side emerges, working on the user’s perceptions. Visual or auditory stimuli can take on a new intensity, and otherwise mundane thoughts may seem markedly more interesting. This is not to say that Cherry Pie easily veers into paranoid, overly cerebral territory, though

BUY WEED ONLINE MARYLAND. Because it works on both the body and mind. Cherry Pie strain is good for activities that involve both, like video games and exercise. In the right setting. It can also be a powerful aphrodisiac. For medical cannabis patients, Cherry Pie has both psychological and physiological applications. It can help those plagued by anxiety, depression. And PTSD to spend their time more presently and mindfully.

Plants grow short and bushy with wide lateral branching. Growers may need to periodically trim away any light-blocking fan leaves in order to maximize. The growth of any low-growing flowering nodes. Those looking to bring out this strain’s eye. Catching purple bag appeal should also expose the plants to colder.


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