Platinum Kush Strain


USAGE…   Anxiety ,   ADHD Symptoms  , Pain  , Depressed , Migraines.

EFFECTS…..  Sedated ,  Focused  , Relaxed ,  Sleepy , Euphoric .

THC %..22 – 29%



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BUY REAL WEED ONLINE FROM AMSTERDAM. Here at Amazing online weed shop. Firstly, Platinum Kush is an indica-dominant strain that takes on a platinum-silver shade. Due to its thick coat of crystal resin. With purple hues and bright orange hairs. Its buds grow dense with a sweet fruity and hashy aroma. Its buzz has been describing as strongly cerebral and body-numbing. Platinum Kush strain sets itself apart with medium to large size. Nuggets that cling together in conical formations.

Secondly, platinum kush strain flowers have the densely-packed structure often associated with other Indica-dominant varieties. With their leaves overlapping each other as they curl tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are pale sea green. Some phenotypes of the strain also have patches of pale and dark purple in their leaves. BUY REAL WEED ONLINE FROM AMSTERDAM

Buy Real Weed Online From Amsterdam

Such surprising colors come about when anthocyanin pigments in the plants. Genetics of platinum kush are stimulated by colder than average weather in the growing process. On the other hand, a blanket of silvery-white trichomes covers the inner and outer surfaces of these dense flowers. Giving them the platinum sheen reference in their name.

BUY REAL WEED ONLINE FROM AMSTERDAM. Platinum Kush strain can smell intensely sweet. Verging on skunky, with a fermented edge. There is also an earthly musky underpinning. Keeping the aroma organic and grounded. When these thick flowers are ground up or broken open. They give off a tangy odor, reminiscent of mature cheese. When burnt in a pipe or a joint these strong scents come together in thick, harsh smoke that’s liable to induce coughing or watery eyes. Platinum Kush’s smoke tastes both sweet and acrid on the exhale.

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At the same time, platinum Kush strain offers a slow creeping high. And may take as many as 15 minutes after users have finish coughing on its smoke before revealing its force. Effects eventually emerge as a throbbing around the eyes and forehead. This sensation soon trickles down the neck and spreads through the core and limbs. Making users feel weighed down. In addition to a sudden pervasive relaxation. platinum kush Users typically report a change in sensory perception.

BUY REAL WEED ONLINE FROM AMSTERDAM. Visual and auditory amplification can be expect . As can some trippy phenomena like distort depth perception or a strong sense of time dilation. As platinum kush acclimate to the force of this strain’s sedative and psychedelic power. Smokers of platinum Kush may also notice that their thoughts take on a newly elevated quality. Ideas may jump around in free association. ORDER REAL WEED ONLINE FROM AMSTERDAM

However, due to platinum kush heavy and intractable body stone, this strain may prevent users from engaging in physical activity, whether it’s exercise or simply getting up and cleaning the house. Platinum Kush can be a great way to unwind after a long day. Whether you’re alone or surrounded by like-minded friends. Its holistic high can help the smoker feel centered and refreshed. Because of its progression toward sleepiness. BUY REAL WEED ONLINE FROM AMSTERDAM

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