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BUY DRIED SHROOMS ONLINE. We set out to create new mushroom-based foods that are convenient and easy to enjoy. With the popularity of plant-based snacks and functional foods we thought we’d try and create a mushroom snack. After months of experimentation, we stumbled upon a way to naturally transform our fresh mushrooms into a shelf-stable, better-for-you crispy snack. Our snack is a real sliced mushroom, not formed or extruded.

BUY DRIED SHROOMS ONLINE. With this new unusual snack chip, we felt we should choose popular and familiar flavors, so we prepared Non-GMO Project-verified seasonings such as Spicy Jalapeno, Mesquite BBQ, Pizza, Sea Salt, and the very delicious Plain/Original. Once we had the crispy mushroom chip we realized we could replace the crunch of peanuts in snack bars and clusters, too, so we created a line of allergen free mushroom-based snack bars.


Our newest items are mushroom jerky varieties made from portabella, cremini, and shiitake mushrooms. Our jerky flavors include Original, Honey Chipotle and Roasted Teriyaki. Shroom Splits combine our mushroom jerky with delicious combinations that include Filet Mignon and Portabella, Tender Turkey and Portabella, Peppered Beef and Portabella and vegetarian Berries and Portabella.

BUY DRIED SHROOMS ONLINE. People who have taken psilocybin in uncontrolled settings might engage in reckless behavior, such as driving while intoxicated. Some people may experience persistent, distressing alterations to the way they see the world. These effects are often visual and can last from anywhere from weeks to years after using the hallucinogen.

Physicians now diagnose this condition as hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), also known as a flashback. A flashback is a traumatic recall of an intensely upsetting experience. The recollection of this upsetting experience during hallucinogen use would be a bad trip, or a hallucination that takes a disturbing turn.


BUY DRIED SHROOMS ONLINE. Some individuals experience more unpleasant effects than hallucinations, such as fear, agitation, confusion, delirium, psychosis, and syndromes that resemble schizophrenia, requiring a trip to the emergency room.In most cases, a doctor will treat these effects with medication, such as benzodiazepines. These effects often resolve in 6 to 8 hours as the effects of the drug wear off.

Finally, though the risk is small, some psilocybin users risk accidental poisoning from eating a poisonous mushroom by mistake. Symptoms of mushroom poisoning may include muscle spasms, confusion, and delirium. Visit an emergency room immediately if these symptoms occur. Because hallucinogenic and other poisonous mushrooms are common to most living environments.A person should regularly remove all mushrooms from areas where children are routinely present to prevent accidental consumption. BUY SHROOMS ONLINE


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