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THC % 25 -31%



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BUY AMNESIA HAZE ONLINE. Here at Amazing Online Weed shop. Firstly, Amnesia Haze strain has a somewhat misleading name: it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that, despite its potency, won’t leave you with a severely impaired memory. Composed from a cross of staple strain Haze and several different worldwide landraces, including Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani, Amnesia Haze may actually drive inspiration rather than forgetfulness. ORDER AMNESIA HAZE ONLINE

Amnesia Haze strain that exists in. The commercial market is mainly derived from two sources: First Medical Seed and Soma Seeds. The Amsterdam-based company is responsible for creative strains like Lavender. The strain is a favorite for its uplifting vibes and its rich flavor. It won 1st place overall in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and Bst Sativa in the 2012 Cannabis Cup. The THC content of Amnesia Haze ranges from about 25% to 31%.

Buy Amnesia Haze Online

On the other hand, Amnesia Haze strain has many of the great qualities that mark both indica and sativa varieties. Although users may land on the more thoughtful (or even hyper-thoughtful) end of that spectrum. The high comes up almost immediately, inducing cerebral thinking and a sudden acute awareness of surroundings. In a positive set and setting.

BUY AMNESIA HAZE ONLINE. This mental sharpening can lead to a euphoric state of mind. Users may feel an improvement in mood as well as energy to accomplish tasks. Although cerebral. Amnesia Haze weed also has enough of an indica backbone to also provide relaxation and contemplativeness. The combination of strong mental and physical effects makes this strain a good choice for activities that involve both mind and body, including but not limited to exercise and sex. Amnesia Haze weed. ORDER AMNESIA HAZE ONLINE

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BUY AMNESIA HAZE ONLINE. More medically speaking. Amnesia Haze’s sense of focus can be helpful for those with attention deficit disorders. Who have trouble concentrating on specific tasks? It can also be a strong appetite stimulant. On the negative side. Those prone to anxiety may experience some degree of paranoia due to . Amnesia Haze’s tendency to bring on a sense of frantic. Mind-race As such cannabis newcomers may want to temper initial dosage of this strain. This variety’s strong high also tend to last longer than average.

BUY AMNESIA HAZE ONLINE. Grown outdoors, Amnesia Haze requires a predominantly hot climate with consistent temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It can easily be grown indoors, however, as plants are more typical of indica varieties. Limbs reach more horizontally than vertically with a bushy stature that doesn’t usually exceed. More than 3 or 4 feet. Growers should trim broad fan leaves at the top of the plant in order to let air and light reach flowering nodes on the lower branches.

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